Wearing skimpy clothes is not always sexy


EEWA! It been a while since I took to this space to address some of the social issues and knock some sense into the heads of the brothas and sistas out there.

In the past I wrote about the brothers who thought that showing their underpants made them look macho. Some of these ugly undies were bought from the cheapskate clothing shop that starts with letter P, or from those shops of our Asian ‘friends’ on the northern side of Windhoek.

Today I want to talk to the sisters – my fellow gendermates – (if there is such a word) who think that showing off their cellulite or the dimples on their behinds is sexy.

By the way, the Oxford dictionary on my desk gives several definitions to the word that most women think is the best one to define you as a good-looking woman.

Unfortunately none of the definitions are pleasing. According to my trusted dictionary the word ‘sexy’ is used in reference to a person, who is sexually attractive or sexually exciting.

For goodness sake, of all the things you want to attract the world with is your sex appeal? How about your brains? What is wrong with being a hardworking, smart and intelligent woman, who can make a difference for herself, for those around her and the world at large?

It is a fact that the men that are most attracted to ‘sexy’ outfits are those that want ‘something’ for the night, old men who suffer from inferiority complexes and think they are only man enough if they are seen in public with a young woman in skimpy clothes… people that feel dignified by association… and of course the Ben 10s. Real smart men will not look at you.

At times I feel pity for women who go in public showing off some regions of their buttocks. And when people are turning heads you think they are attracted to you. There are times when I just feel like stopping some super-sized woman wearing some funny materials that show the full stops and islands on their behind – and chase them to go back home and put on decent underwear.

I’m not against being supersize, after all, Sally said: “The bigger the better”. Just keep in mind that dimples are only cute when they are on the face and not behind.
This is the same situation with the skinny ones, whose hip bones are sticking out. We don’t want to see those bones. Just cover up. But I’m also not saying go and copy meme Laura Mcleod’s wardrobe or become meme Shaningwa’s mini-me.

We are also not saying you should look like a nun on the way to Sunday Mass; just wear what is age-appropriate.
Flashing hot pants in Independence Avenue, wearing some see-through leggings that are displaying some cameltoe, or wearing some Ndeitungas that leave nothing to the imagination is a big no-no!

At 30 a woman should know what is decent and what is not. At 30 you should know that your boobs are not too far from needing support bras and that your butt is not too far from dancing sungura when it is in a G-string alone.
You are supposed to know that, my dear sistas. At that age you should know your value. You should know that wearing ‘sexy’ clothes will simply get you a w***e label and no one will ever take you seriously.

Eewa hano – Until next time


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