VMSIX release new single with introduction of fresh lead singers



The Acappella group, VMSIX, on Monday released their newest commercial single for this year titled No Where, on Loudr.FM.

The much anticipated A Cappella single, available online, is already enjoying massive airplays on social networks attracting more listeners. VMSIX has introduced its new female singers, Lyvodia Ouses and Lorencia Kaimbi, who joined them earlier this year. Both Lyvodia and Lorencia are lead singers. “On this single, we wanted to introduce the new voices on the lead we have,” says Peter, founder of VMSIX. The single has received praises from one of the biggest Acappella names such as Grammy winning record engineer and producer, Bill Hare, from Bill Hare Productions in Los Angles and Danny Ozment of Emeralds City, both from the United States of America (USA). Hare mixed and mastered the product while Ozment edited the song.

No Where was written by Scott Leonard, of Rocappella. This is not for the first time the VMSIX is covering or working on Scott Leonard’s songs since they have recorded and remixed his works in the past. VMSIX members met Leonard in 2014 in Boston in the United States (US) where he was very impressed with VMSIX covering his work in some of the songs on their album, Ekundungu. The album was also judged the Best African Album for 2014 by Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA). VMSIX has rearranged the song to fit VMSIX sound and also localised into one of the Namibian local languages, Damara-Nama.

The song was recorded at the Namibia Groove Studio in Windhoek. “We have gone a long way with the owner of Groove Studio who also recorded VMSIX first commercial album, Search and Find in 2007,” says Peter. The song gives a taste of the VMSIX’s new direction, something to look out for in their new album scheduled for release next year. VMSIX has built a reputation in the Namibian music industry especially with the Acappella genre and have amassed 13 international and 13 local awards since 1999, when the group first appeared on the Namibia music scene. The song is available for purchase at via this link: https://loudr.fm/release/nowhere/neu4U.


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