UsuTa Couture’s fashion show promises a variety



It will be a night of glitz and glamour at the UsuTa Couture third fashion show which promises to showcases a variety of beautiful garments.

The show, now in its third annual edition, is set taking place at the Rochas Hotel in Oshakati tomorrow. The elitist UsuTa Couture brand, which is based in Oshakati, specialises in unique traditional and contemporary clothing. The brand will be showcasing its spring/summer collection for both sexes under the theme “Black and white with a touch of red”. “We are bringing a big night of trending clothes, exclusive summer outfits to be rocked by more than 20 models,” says Keri Mootu, the owner of the brand. To top it up, they are also promising an elegant show with top class entertainment featuring Big Ben, DJ Lazza and Don Kamati, among others.

Keri adds that they will showcase their new collection of bikinis, Maxi Chiffon and Velvet elegant dresses. “We are having new innovations and fashion lovers will be thrilled by different outfit that they have never seen before,” she promises enticingly. Due to public demands, the designs will also selling at the show. Refreshments are available. Tickets for the show are N$ 100 and N$ 250 to VIPs. The show starts at seven O’clock (19h00) in the evening.


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