Kavari and Boesman also in the ring for world title



As a young boy, he dreamed of becoming a farmer. As a farmer he dreamed of becoming a top breeder and as a top breeder he dreamed about being the best in the world. That special honour is now within the grasp of Ace Kavari, Namibia’s foremost emerging cattle breeder.

His formidable Red Brahman bull ‘Boesman’ of five years is the only bull from Namibian soil to compete in the prestigious Brahman Champion of the World Competition 2015 taking place from December 1 to 7.
Only the best Brahman cattle from around the world have been entered into the competition and voting takes place over a period of eight days via an online voting poll created by the World Brahman Cattle Association.
When contacted yesterday by New Era on his farm Orusuuo in the Omaheke Region, Kavari was initially speechless. After a deep breath he confirmed the participation of Boesman, comparing it to Paulus Ambunda’s world title fight this weekend.

“It is such an honour and a privilege. Boesman and I feel we are doing Namibia very proud by being in the competition against the best in the world. We are in the competition to show the rest of the world the immaculate quality Brahman cattle we breed in the Land of the Brave. If we win this title, we will dedicate it to Namibia and will wear the World Champ rosette with huge pride,” says the man who started from humble beginnings.
For Kavari farming is a business just like any other enterprise and he says it can be very profitable if you treat and handle it as such.

He believes in good management and good human resources.
The 44-year-old started farming intensively when he moved to Eiseb Block in the Otjombinde Constituency of the Omaheke Region in 2002.

Kavari now farms with Red Brahmans at the place called Orusuuo 2 in Eiseb Block.
Since water is scarce in that area he drilled a borehole to ensure a reliable water supply.
He says the reason he farms with the Red Brahman is that it is a very good beef breed.
Kavari bought two Brahman cows and a bull in 2003 from a well-known Brahman breeder, Floors Junius, and bought 10 additional cows the following year from another breeder Piet Pretorius from Gobabis.
To take his farming to the next level he registered as a stud breeder in 2005 with the Brahman Stud Association and started exhibiting his animals at the annual Windhoek Agricultural Show.
This was the start of good things for his farming, as he won some prizes for his animals.
He was born into a household where working with cattle was part of daily life at Okatuuo in the Epukiro Constituency.

From childhood, he knew that he needed to work very hard to become a successful farmer. Before he ventured into full-time farming, Kavari worked for First National Bank (FNB) as a credit manager for 16 years and at Nedbank in the same capacity for six months.

“Farming can compete with other businesses on an equal footing and can even do well,” he said.
According to him, farming is all about planning, hard work, patience and passion.
“If you have those characteristics, you will make it in farming,” he gushes.
He advises other farmers to bear in mind that Namibia is drought prone, and they should therefore plan ahead for any eventuality.

Kavari urges farmers to add quality systematically to the quantity of the cattle as the two complement each other.
People should not buy farms for prestige but should treat them as productive units, and he commended the government for its efforts to assist farmers during the current drought.

“Doing something is better than nothing and we must learn to appreciate the little we receive,” he says.
He advises farmers to take good care of their employees by compensating them decently and on time.
“They must feel part and parcel of the business called farming because they can make you or break you in a split second, so they deserve respect,” he adds.

Another piece of advice from Kavari is for farmers to keep records of their enterprise, adding that budgeting is very crucial in farming.
The five judges for the 2015 Competition are:
Carlos Ojea Rullan (Argentina), Heinrich Bruwer (South Africa), Billy Estrada (Mexico), Mark McClintock (USA) and Members of “Brahman Breeder” (Facebook).
• To take part in the judging for the 2015 Competition, go to www.Champion-of-the-World.net


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