Bank Windhoek Managed Fund turns three



The Bank Windhoek Managed Fund reached yet another significant milestone when it celebrated its third birthday yesterday. Since its inception back in 2012, the Fund has grown quite remarkably and produced market-leading returns for the numerous investors within the fund.

“In just three short years up to the end of November, the fund has amassed a total of N$675 million in assets under management, of which the vast majority has taken place over the past 12 months,” said Tertius Liebenberg, managing director at Capricorn Asset Management, who manages the fund. “Much of the Bank Windhoek Managed Fund’s popularity has to do with the extraordinary returns which the fund has delivered over the past three years. Investors in the fund have witnessed growth of 16.4 percent per annum, gross of fees, since its inception which represents a return above inflation of 11.5 percent per annum,” Liebenberg continued.

The target return of the fund has always been to beat inflation by 6 percent per annum over the long term and the fund has managed to achieve this demanding feat with some room to spare. Another noteworthy accolade for the fund during 2014, was when the fund was ranked first out of eight funds in its class in Namibia and sixth out of a total of 150 similar funds in Namibia and South Africa. Liebenberg emphasised that even though returns are of importance to any investor, the true value of the fund lies in the active management style of the fund.

The fund manager has the mandate to manoeuver the underlying asset classes within the fund to minimise risk within the fund, on the one hand, whilst having the ability to grab opportunities to enhance returns on the other. This is achieved whilst maintaining an excellent diversification between the various asset classes. “Over the past three years the fund has made a significant contribution to the financial wellbeing of the unit holders.” Liebenberg explained.

“We are pleased to announce that all the investors from the first day on the Bank Windhoek Managed Fund are still invested in the fund today and are witness to the remarkable value that the fund has added to their investment portfolios,” says Liebenberg. The typical investor in the Bank Windhoek Managed Fund is a medium- to longer-term investor, who seeks a cost-effective and convenient way to obtain exposure to a well-diversified, actively managed investment portfolio geared towards beating inflation over the longer term.

The investor must be willing to be exposed to a medium to high level of market volatility and hopes to achieve a return of inflation, plus 6 percent or more, over the longer term. Typically, the client will have an investment time horizon of five years and longer. “As a team we are proud of our achievements and look forward to a prosperous future with our clients,” Liebenberg said.


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