Mumbala angry over spending on non-Swapo members




Swapo’s //Karas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala has slammed what he termed “empowering people that are fighting against the ruling party Swapo”.

Directing his remarks at the //Karas Regional Council (KRC) chief regional officer Saul Kahuika on Wednesday, Mumbala said state monies should not be spent on people that are not Swapo members.
Mumbala was furious that the council chose to have its year-end function at a hotel whose owners are reportedly affiliated to the Republican Party (RP).

“The money of the Swapo government should be spent on people that support Swapo,”he said in reference to the N$40 000 the council paid to host its function and farewell party for the outgoing regional councillors.
Mumbala, who was initially not on the programme to speak but requested permission to say a few words, instructed Kahuika to make sure that future events where government money will be spent should only benefit Swapo-affiliated businesses “as they are the ones that voted the ruling party into power”.

“Some of you here didn’t even vote for Swapo, from now on if you want to have cake from the Swapo Party government then join us,” he stressed, in what could be interpreted as blackmailing and political intolerance.
He said the Swapo-led government cannot give money to people that might fund other parties, adding: “We can’t continue to empower people who are fighting against us.”

The regional coordinator further said that should there be such a function funded by the Swapo government in future, it is better to set up tents somewhere to host the function instead of supporting individuals who do not support Swapo.

Mumbala then warned people to be careful and not be deceived by white people’s smiles, noting that whenever they smile they want something in return.
“Let me not be tribalist here but some of these white people, white nationals, always want something in return when they smile at you, so be careful,” he cautioned.

“You empower Schutzenhaus and Bird Mansion, who did they empower?” he questioned in reference to the popular hospitality establishments that host most of the public and social events in Keetmanshoop.
New Era also understands that prior to Mumbala’s speech he had asked the owner of Bird Mansion hotel, Riana Jacobs, what party she had voted for.

Jacobs narrated to this reporter that she was standing at the entrance to the lapa where the event was held to welcome the guests and as Mumbala entered he enquired from her which party she voted for.
Concerning Mumbala’s comments at the function, she only said: “I forgive him for this one.”
The event was attended by some outgoing and incoming regional councillors.

Swapo secretary general Nangolo Mbumba said Swapo has been singing the One Namibia, One Nation slogan to help build inclusiveness and forge national unity.
Elected Swapo leaders should adhere and promote these notions but officials should be allowed to have their celebrations at places of their choice, Mbumba told New Era yesterday.

As long as people are doing business in Namibia legally, their political affiliation is of no importance, the Swapo chief executive further said.
“Businesses do not belong to any party, individuals do,” Mbumba emphasised.
“We should learn to treat each other well, as citizens of Namibia.”


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