Teacher granted bail for alleged rape



A teacher from the People’s Primary School in Katutura, who stands accused of raping a 13-year-old-girl between May and October this year, was granted bail in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.
The accused Patrick Geingob, 34, was granted bail of N$7 000 by magistrate Hambeleleni Heita after the accused lodged a formal bail application.

Geingob was granted bail with conditions that he should not make direct or indirect contact with the family of the complainant or the complainant herself. He was ordered not to go near the premises of the People’s Primary School.
Geingob was further ordered to hand over his passport to the investigating officer and not to apply for any travelling documentation once free on bail.

He must also report himself to the Katutura Police Station every Monday between 07h00 and 19h00.
Geingob made his first appearance on October 26, when he was denied bail.

New Era learned that he was called to the police station by the station commander, Chief Inspector Ishmael Basson, who questioned him about the rape allegations, and he was subsequently arrested.
In October, the prosecutor Granny Paulus said the State objected to Geingob being granted bail because of the statement the victim made.

Garth Joseph, Geingob’s defence lawyer, responded that there were no facts before the court, yet his client was to remain in custody.

But Paulus argued that the rights of the victim had to be protected and that details could not be disclosed “at this sensitive stage of the case”.
Prosecutor Maria Andimba represented the State during the bail hearing. Geingob must return to court on December 11.


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