Political tolerance impresses Erongo police


Walvis Bay

The Namibian police in the Erongo Region have commended residents, political parties and their leaders for the way in which the regional and local authority elections were conducted on Friday.
On Tuesday Sergeant Illeni Shapumba, the Erongo Community Policing Affairs Officer, said the region did not experience any hiccups since political campaigns started last month.

“It is worth thanking political parties and their members for maintaining peace and order throughout their campaigns. Nampol was visible during the campaigns and election process last weekend and we did not receive any complaints that are politically related during the pre-election campaigns or during the elections itself on Friday,” Shapumba said.

He added that political parties and voters themselves demonstrated a strong sense of maturity during the elections and that such behaviour should always be maintained during national elections.
“We hope this will be maintained in all national activities in the future. In the same vein we would like to congratulate those who made it to the local and regional councils. We are also looking forward to their support as political ties play a crucial role in community policing,” he explained.


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