AR wants ACC to probe Ya Ndakolo’s N$1 million hotel bill



Although Affirmative Repositioning (AR) land activists are busy requesting the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate defence minister Penda ya Ndakolo for incurring a N$1 million bill of taxpayers’ money for his stay at a city hotel, the minister yesterday said he saw no need to comment on the issue.
AR launched a scathing attack on Ya Ndakolo yesterday and in the same breath gave the ACC until next April to investigate him.

The AR made public its feelings on the matter at a press conference where it also revealed the outcome of the Evaluation Summit it recently held in Windhoek that attracted over 450 delegates.
“To put an end to this perpetual and endemic corruption, the summit resolved to address the Ya Ndakolo Tendency in practical terms. Letters will be written to the ACC director Paulus Noa asking him to investigate the suspicion that Mr Ya Ndakolo received water, housing and electricity allowances while staying in a luxury hotel at public cost,” stated AR.

When he was contacted for comment on the issue, the defence minister said he saw no reason to respond to the AR statement.
“Why should I respond on that, there is no need to … Otherwise they will say I am defending myself. I have nothing to say on that,” said Ya Ndakolo.
Should Noa fail to investigate the minister the AR threatened that the movement would lay “criminal charges” against Ya Ndakolo on April 6, 2016.“The summit expressed disgust over the reports that Mr Penda ya Ndakolo, Minister of Defence, has quenched his thirst for luxury housing and comfort with public resources, having splashed N$1 million on the hotel. While our society is littered with many people hustling and renting, including many 17 and 18-year-old students subjected to rent, the minister exaggerated his importance by choosing to stay at a luxurious hotel where he was reported to be eating up N$700 per day and N$21 700 per month,” further stated AR.The Namibian last month reported that Ya Ndakolo’s accommodation at the Safari Court Hotel had cost the Ministry of Defence about N$100 000 a month.

According to media reports, the minister moved into the hotel after being appointed defence minister in March. His monthly bill could be more after it emerged that the minister’s account was bloated by allegedly dishonest hotel clerks who added money to the bill fraudulently.

It was reported that Ya Ndakolo’s room at Safari Hotel cost government about N$2 600 a day, while his food bill was N$700 a day. “Safari Hotel sources said the government might have forked out close to N$1 million from March to October for his accommodation,” claimed the report.

The defence ministry reportedly defended paying for Ya Ndakolo’s luxury living, saying that due to the housing scarcity in Windhoek the minister could not find a house in the city.Among other things discussed at the summit was the establishment of a division of AR Investigations where land and housing related matters can be reported, investigated and subsequently handed over to related state institutions.“To this effect, a reporting and inquiry function would be established on the AR website to enable the issues to be raised.”

The summit also resolved that the movement would seek cooperation with international movements with similar objectives in countries that are friendly with the developing world.“AR will also seek to influence Namibia’s foreign policy with these very principles. The summit endorsed AR International to be established in all countries where there are Namibians either living or studying. AR volunteers in these countries will be made ambassadors of AR to spread the message of the restoration of the dignity of the masses of our people as it relates to the means of production, land, and housing. They will be responsible for networking, fundraising and representing AR in those countries as may be required.”


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