Students elated over bursaries for tertiary studies



Beneficiaries of the Old Mutual and NED Namibia Education Trust say the bursaries are a motivation for them to focus on their studies and to make it in life.

Ten recipients were awarded bursaries to study medicine, engineering, accounting and finance, actuarial and quantitative sciences, pure and applied sciences, mathematics and mathematical sciences, as well as information and communication technology at universities of their choice in Africa.

One of the recipients, Ronny Munenge, says the bursary is helpful in that it will keep him focused and motivated. “It acts as a vehicle that will drive me to achieve my goals, for the betterment of me and my society at large,” says Munenge.

Munenge is going to study chartered accounting at the University of Namibia (Unam). “I will utilise the bursary to cover my tuition fees and hostel accommodation and to ensure all my relevant necessities are covered for,” he says, while promising to work hard. “I will work hard to become a successful accountant that will one day walk through the entrance of the Mutual Tower, not for a conference, but to live my dreams.”

Stephinia Simasiku says the bursary has removed the burden from her parents, because tertiary education is expensive. “I’m very grateful and excited for being chosen from more than 800 students who applied for this fund,” he said appreciatively.

Simasiku applied to study biomedical science at the University of Namibia (Unam) and the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). “Although I applied to both universities I’m more interested in studying at Unam. I’m looking forward to my Grade 12 results and my first year at a tertiary institution,” says Simasiku optimistically.

At the handover ceremony last Thursday the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Dr Becky Ndjoze-Ojo said the bursaries are awarded for studies in areas considered critical for Namibia’s development.

“This is a worthy and well-informed selection of areas that are indeed the foundation on which Namibian’s innovation, development and economic growth can be securely anchored, as we as a nation chart our path towards becoming an industrialised nation, as envisioned in Namibia’s Vision 2030,” Ndjoze-Ojo said.


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