No room for Swapo at Otjinene, says Nudo



The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) leadership in Otjinene says they will ensure that the ruling party Swapo Party does not get a single vote in Otjinene come the next election.

Speaking to New Era just after the announcement of the results, newly elected Councillor for Otjinene Constituency, Erwin Katjizeu, said NUDO would rule Otjinene for the next 20 years. “Due to the severe drought in the constituency we could not attract the number of voters we expected, but I promise, neither Swapo nor the DTA of Namibia will have room in this constituency,” he said.

Saturday’s regional election results in the Otjinene Constituency saw Katjizeu winning 1 529 votes to win the constituency. Swapo’s Nono Katjingisiua was hot on his heels though, with 965 votes.
In the local authority election, Nudo retained its three – out of five – seats on the village council, with the Swapo Party claiming one, while losing the other to the DTA. Landine Kauta, Ruth Mbaukua and Jackson Hambira are the Nudo members elected to join the village council. The other members are Swapo Party’s Assaria Tjingaete and DTA’s Lydia Kaihiva.

Speaking in his capacity as the new constituency councillor, Katjizeu – who resigned from his teaching post yesterday – thanked every Nudo member and sympathiser who voted for the party for the coinfidence they have in him and the party, especially the youth in the area.

“I believe rural community development is a process conducted by community members. It is a process whereby people can create not only more jobs, income and infrastructure, but also help their community to become fundamentally better able to manage change,” he said.

He vowed that as constituency councillor he would involve all community members in the developmental process, regardless of political affiliation. The incoming councillor also noted that water is a major concern in the area and with the help of the government and partner oranisations he would do whatever it takes to better distribute water to people and livestock within the constituency. “Development involves change, therefore the community should be ready for change from within,” he added.

He noted that he would engage residents in the process of development throughout the constituency in order to improve the social, economic and environmental situation.

Out of the seven constituencies in the Omaheke Region, the ruling Swapo Party retained control of Epukiro, Okorukambe, Kalahari and Gobabis constituencies, losing only Otjombinde Constituency to independent candidate Katjanaa Kaurivi. Nudo managed to retain its bases of support in the Otjinene and the Aminuis constituencies.


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