Query: Lüderitz Town Council, can you tell me what Dina Banda’s job at the finance department is? It takes three weeks for her to process one order. She is always on the phone every day not doing her work. New councillors please send her packing. There are a lot of qualified young people on the streets.

Response: No such incident was ever raised or brought to the attention of the town council or specifically the head of finance who is responsible for authorizing orders. Processing of orders is a daily task, and once a requisition is prepared the order is immediately prepared, authorized and issued.

Council can however not rule out the possibility of technical delays, therefore, should the complainant experience similar delays in future, it is advisable to consult the Head of Finance, Mr Thomas Shipepe on 063-207831.

• Ms Johanna Ileka, Public Relations Officer, Lüderitz Town Council, e-mail address: msjoileka@gmail.com


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