Top award …


Kundana and New Era entertainment reporter Pinehas Nakaziko was on Friday awarded the Journalist of the Year award at a local fashion brand show and award ceremony. The award is for his consistent reporting on local fashion trends. The event saw over 30 local fashion brands compete for awards in categories, such as Brand with a Meaning and Motivation, Most Popular Brand, Best Newcomer, Best Seller, Most Popular Brand on Social Media, Most Charitable Brand and Most Creative Brand. The winner in the Most Popular Brand award category received a cash prize of N$5000, while awards in other categories attracted between N$1500 and N$3000. Winners included household brands, such as SoBisool, Okamanetti, Current Situation and Christian clothing brand: God First Bro. The event was sponsored by Air Namibia, Vigo, Sky Vodka, Fireball, Tornados, Sishanyama, Harmony Investments, Mannex Printing, Selma Investments and Shasha Printing and took place at the Khomas Regional Council offices in Windhoek.


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