Low turnout in the Windhoek East Constituency


With over 400 000 registered voters expected to cast their ballots in today’s regional and local authority elections, there was hardly any representation of these numbers to be seen in the Windhoek East Constituency.

The low turnout in these areas were reflected in statistics by the ECN showing that only 33 percent of those registered to vote in last year’s  general elections have registered for today’s elections.

Despite the importance of the regional and local authority elections, people on the streets made it clear that they were first and foremost doing their “every Friday business” before thinking about voting. An exception was the polling station at the Dagbreek Centre Hall where white voters turned up in noticeable numbers early in the morning to cast their votes.

When asked by New Era about the obvious lack of interest in the elections, some young and old said their votes would make little difference to the bread and butter issues they faced every day. Others said they will vote because they have faith in their councilors.

Those that did come to vote, all has high praises for the voter verification devices software that was updated before the elections. All of them said it sped up the process and they praised electoral staff for their operating skills and confidence in handling the devices.

Setting an example…Former Prime Minister of Namibia set an exemplary example early on Friday morning when he was the first oter to arrive at the polling station at the Eros Shopping Centre to cast his vote.

Strength in sisters… Uape, Kavee and Rossy Tjiriange from the Eros neighbourhood could not wait to get to the polling station to cast their votes for their councilor. All three expressed the importance of the elections, saying the right person voted into power could make a difference to their lives.

Early birds…Heidrun Juhnke and Erika Neumann, two German speaking voters in the Windhoek East Constituency first casted their votes at the Dagbreek Centre Hall before going for their traditional Friday morning stroll.

Empty polls…For many Windhoek residents at was business as usual in the Windhoek East Constituency as last Friday started with just a trickle of voters going to polls in the neighbourhoods. Pictured are young men looking for work while the voting tent stands empty.

Before daybreak…The Dagbreek Centre Hall was busy from early morning as voters arrived in their droves to cast their votes. The presence of white voters was noticeable.

Waiting for voters…Electoral staff at this station in Brandberg Street reported only one voter at 09:00 on Friday morning. “We are preparing for a long day in the blistering sun and we don’t expect much action as people just could not care about voting on a public holiday,” one of them commented.

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