Low Kunene turnout concerns Muharukua


Kunene Regional Governor Angelika Muharukua cast her vote earlier today at the Oukongo Primary School in Ovinjange village a few kilometers outside Opuwo.

Dressed in a traditional dress, Muharukua was full of smiles upon her arrival and was taken through the voting process by the Electoral Commission of Namibia staff.

After casting her vote, Muharukua told media present at the venue that she was disappointed by the low turnout when the polling station opened.

“I hope the turnout will improve during the day,” she said.

Villagers gathered early at the polling station to be first in line.

There are 51 564 registered voters for the Regional Council and Local Authority elections in Kunene.

Epupa constituency, under which Oukongo falls, has the highest number of voters, currently standing at 10 410.



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