Woman detained for allegedly trying to smuggle cellphones in prison


A 26-year-old mother of three was detained today at the Windhoek  Correctional Facility, formerly known as Windhoek Central Prison, for allegedly attempting to smuggle seven mobile phones to a murder suspect locked up at the facility.

The woman, whose identity may not be revealed pending her appearance in court and who has a three-month-old baby, pretended to be bringing food to the inmate but prison wardens later found that there were cellphones stuffed in a bag in which she purported to carry food.

She allegedly had an intention to give the cellphones to a suspect who awaits trial over the murder of a truck driver near Tsumeb a year ago. The inmate (wearing a blue floral shirt) also faces charges of arson, hijack and escaping from lawful custody.

Prison officials say this year alone, 147 cellphones have been confiscated at the Windhoek Correctional Facility. It is said that many inmates have used cellphones to threaten complainants and witnesses in their cases, amongst other ill intentions.

The detained woman (wearing yellow skirt) and the murder suspect are said to have met on Facebook.

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