Victory is certain when hard work is the investment


The year is almost expired… sorry, almost gone, because December is here. So allow me to wish you a very happy festive season, as we do some family unions and re-unions.

I know many of you did not live by your so-called New Year resolutions of the current calendar year. Many of you are like a politician that goes to villages promising to replace water with milk.

Be true to yourself and walk the talk. Come 2016, if you failed to do better this year, now already for next year declare war against poverty. Don’t wait for Solidarity Tax to solidify your wellbeing.

In life there are two things involved: you stand or you sit, backward or forward, you eat or be the meal. Folks, just as we require more energy as young people, indeed our output must be visible. Sometimes as young people we think we are too young to work hard now, that is the reason we are not moving forward.

I realise it’s about time we prepare our future now when we are still full of carbohydrates, before we suffer from ketosis. Our elders always say, ‘Don’t expect to harvest when you did not cultivate.’ One of our very own African proverbs says; “Wisdom is like fire. People take it from others”, so please let’s get together and really hold hands and learn from one another. When this is done, victors of life we will be.

Many of you probably gave up on yourselves, because you do not have an MBA in poverty eradication science. It is well, kudos to our government that we have the Namibia Training Authority. Let’s enrol at vocational training centres. Trust yourself, your hands will create wealth right in front of your eyes.

In fact, did you know that most developed countries in the world today are driven by hands (vocational/industrial)? Well yes, I remember attending a motivational seminar where the facilitator made a very truthful joke. She said: “To my sisters, stop going around with sugar daddies, because they have money, wealth is not sexually transmitted.”
Well indeed, to my brothers too, it is not by any chance a case of STW (Sexually Transmitted Wealth).
As we go for Christmas let’s remember not to forget that victory is certain where hard work is the investment. Folks let’s invest wisely and let’s water our investments so that in future we count our blessings and name them one by one.

Let’s be and remain humble and yes, let’s respect our elders – inasmuch as we debate, let’s not fall short of respect of one another. Before I ‘Gerarahia’ (get out of here), let me ask you: are you taking good care of your parents and family?

We know what is right. Let’s be helpful, extend a hand to the unfortunate. Let’s make Namibia a better place, indeed the world. Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2016 and to those who are getting married may your union last longer than your wedding cake.


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