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There is an old saying that those who live in glass houses should refrain from throwing stones.
Recent concerted attempts or clandestine plans by a minority rebel group, under the guise of Sports Representative Bodies Committee, hell-bent on discrediting – or rather challenging – designated government officials, cannot and should under no circumstances be left unchallenged, period!

Yours truly takes exception to these unpleasant underground workings masterminded by a pocket-sized minority group trying to manipulate and derail the inevitable implementation of the long overdue re-categorisation of various sports codes – many of them irrelevant for that matter.

This is the height of intolerance that reeks of sheer arrogance, punctuated by blatant racism and total disrespect for the rule and law of our beloved land. What really pisses yours truly off is the sickening selective approach and concerns so shamelessly adopted by the self-proclaimed representatives, or so-called concerned sports codes.
And then the brothers and sisters still have the temerity to apparently seek legal redress should their baseless grievances not be entertained. It’s quite demeaning and in bad taste that people holding such high positions in some of our sporting disciplines should resort to the courts as a means of resolving disputes.

To put it bluntly, the envisaged re-categorisation of many a sporting discipline would result in some of the meaningless codes being degraded, as they have mostly served a few families and can no longer receive government funding, as has been the norm.

So far eight sport codes are signatories to the minutes of a secretive consultative gathering held in Windhoek on the 18th of this month. The codes are: archery, ice stock, angling (both fresh and seawater) modern pentathlon, bowling, shooting, volleyball and water skiing – so does that ring a bill? I’m just asking.

It has since emerged that this Committee was called into life at the National Sports Conference in April this year, with the mooted intention to divide national sports bodies into two categories – military and civil.
The then CEO of the NSC, Shivute Katamba, apparently made a recommendation that each category should have a representative committee, whereupon he nominated Laurie Pieters, who was mandated to recruit additional members. As it stands, committee members are yet to have their appointments rubber-stamped by the appointing authority.

The committee sought an explanation as to why the temporary contract of Harald Fulle, who was initially recruited as a consultant in the plum position of NSC chief administrator, was not made permanent. Nogal, sies tog!
It went to the length of considering legal steps, as well as the option of approaching the Ombudsman on this matter, while it was resolved to preferably work ‘in-house’ and not engage the local media. To rub salt into the wounds, there was an indication that national sport bodies may consider, if absolute necessary, of withdrawing national sport representation in order to ensure a national clean-up of ministerial maladministration of local sport.

According to the committee’s own admission, sport in general has since the advent of the 2003 Namibia Sports Act not advanced as it should, or could have. Representatives voiced concerns that the Namibian sports fraternity is way behind in the area of development, partly as the result of sport still being regulated by an Act gazetted in 2003.
HELLO! Harald Fulle was never employed as a fulltime employee of the NSC and was roped in as a mere consultant. Why were you, the so-called concerned group, silent when the former chief administrator Rusten Mogane’s employment contract was not extended? I’m just asking.

This is absolute hypocrisy and blind loyalty, driven by sheer racism – and by the way, those sports codes that have stalled in terms of advancement are those controlled by your cronies.
Whether you like it or not, football and boxing are the most popular sporting disciplines among the vast majority of the country’s inhabitants, as can be attested by our demographic representation.

Boxing has produced world champions and our footballers have achieved a feat never matched by any other sport code, that of being crowned regional champions – not provincial champions at some nil-star tournament.
It’s quite disturbing to note that the so-called concerned group has deliberately chosen not to bring up, or discuss in detail, the burning issue of transformation. left we forget, what about the much publicised maladministration at the NRU under the stewarship of your kith and kin? Im just asking.

On a rather sad parting note, let me take this opportunity to bid farewell to a departed sports hero, Namibian cricketer Raymond van Schoor, who died tragically after a brain stroke that he suffered while on national duty. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
I rest my case.


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