Okongo villagers want a proper market



Street vendors at the newly proclaimed village council of Okongo are ready to go to the polls to elect new leaders on Friday, although they say the persons who get their votes should build them a market.

They said once elected into power the new village council should be able to provide them with quality services, as these basic services have been long overdue. They also said the council should build a designated market place ,where they could sell their products.

“We want an open market so that our food will not be dusty. The new leadership must iron out that issue as soon as they assume their duties,” said Simeon Katanga, who sells groceries and cosmetics in the street.
Katanga said business is booming, but selling in the street is not ideal, since foodstuff is highly perishable and can get rotten quickly.

Fedrick Likius, who sells nets and strings in the street, also urged the new councillors to ensure that they establishe a modern open market with security guards to ensure they operate in safety. Likius hails from Eenhana and moved to Okongo, where he says business is booming.

Regional councillor for Okongo Constituency Paulus Mwahanyekange said he would give priority to the establishment of a standard and modern open market when the new village council leadership resumes duties.
Mwahanyekange decided to clear the way for a younger and energetic regional councillor and is now standing as Swapo candidate in the local authority election.

He has been a regional councillor of Okongo Constituency for 22 years. Mwahanyekange said when he took over leadership of the constituency his focus was on providing water infrastructure.
“Water is life. About 111 boreholes were drilled during my term as a councillor,” he said, adding that as a result many more villagers in his constituency have access to potable water.

The outgoing councillor said in order to eradicate poverty government needs to utilise land better so that people will have more food.
Three political parties are contesting the Okongo local authority elections, namely RDP, DTA and SWAPO Party.


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