Modeling agency striving for positive reputation



After successfully sending over 25 local models to represent Namibia at international pageants within the past eight years, owner of the Visions Modeling Agency, Renata Hranova, says she is striving at building a positive reputation.
Although Renata was not born as a model, she says she has been around models since she was very young and all the inspiration of the modeling circle came from her father who had two modeling agencies in Bulgaria and Mozambique.  Originally from Bulgaria, Renata moved to Namibia eight years ago to open up her own modeling agency, which is currently putting Namibia on the map. “When I came to Namibia I saw so much potential and beauties that my heart told me to start up my agency. I had an international model from New York, training my girls and it was truly amazing in the beginning and welcoming. Forgetting all the hard work, efforts and sleepless night but it was worth it,” she says.

Her agency having more than ten licenses to international pageants, Renata says she has many international connections with the organisers of these international pageants honouring her with the national directorship for Namibia, Angola and Zambia which allows her to send models to these pageants. “The most important is that models will learn fast and understand that modeling is not just a hobby but a profession that requires lots of works and dedications. Also from this, other agencies will see the potential in models and start scouting in Namibia,” says Renata, adding that this is also a way of attracting many tourists to Namibia.“I have sent till this day 25 different models not counting the same models I have sent more than once to different pageants. I think my passion and heart benefits more than anything from doing all this as it really makes me happy and proud,” she says.
Before year end, Reanata will again be sending six local models to United States (US) for two years, a deal she signed with an international agency from the US. “I am sure my models will win in one of the competitions,” she says. She is also planning hosting an international pageant in Namibia hoping to bring over 70 models from different countries worldwide.

Renata’s modeling agency opened its doors in 2008 and has been operating successful up to this day. She says the local modeling industry has not yet been improving but she sees some little improvements this year and a little more support from fellow Namibians. “We as a nation do not support each other and to help each other reach somewhere far. We should help each other and build each other to help us grow together as all other countries around us support the modeling industry very seriously and they help sponsor the models but Namibia doesn’t like to help the models to reach their goals,” she complains.


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