Industry Loop: The connection between Zamalek and Entertainment!


What are the chances of Namibian entertainers uniting for a project against alcohol? #ThinksAboutIt….. NAH! #LaughsHysterically. It just won’t happen! Majority of our entertainers love their Zamalek! Imagine Shikololo in a project called “inamu longifa iko lwifa”…LOL! No really…LOL! That’s like asking a Namibian rapper to jump on a project called “Say no to KUSH”. Um…what? LOL! No really, LOL!

Clara Gowases once called for a ban on the advertising of alcoholic beverages! Truth be told, whether spirit companies advertise or not, Oom /aaka van Dolam will still know what whiskey to buy when he has a ka “hannie” in his pocket. Ouderling Damaseb will still know what type of alcohol he must buy to give Tanda Sirikus a good time tonight when she comes over for “prayers” (jy ken mos..goete is dingikies…en dingikies is….fingikies).

Nooooo, wait….you’r lost aren’t you? Mara, that’s why I’ve been begging you to read and keep abreast with current affairs mbuae! Clara Gowases is a member of the Republican Party. Ag mara its fine ka. You probably just knew Meneer Henk. Back to what we were on about…Zamalek and Entertainment. Fact of the matter is this, Entertainers are incredibly influential. It is a well-documented fact that Entertainers and Zamalek have a long history dating back to the years of Vampires! So now you have a sector of society that is incredibly influential but highly in favour with a component that is proven to be bad for society once it is abused!

How do Ouderling Damaseb and Oom /aaka know so much about the good Zamalek? Because the very same influential entertainers sing about it every day! Every day there is a new song out about popping bottles! Dear ardent Industry Loop follower, by now you should know that we speak in tongues here. So DUH, obviously not limited to the genre of Hip Hop. Mind you, people keep blaming Hip Hop for advocating and educating the ordinary Namibian about Zamalek. Mara…Namibians don’t even like Hip Hop (Working Namibians…you know…people with buying power?)…or at least todays Hip Hop…so how’s you going to blame Hip Hop?

Kwaito? Afro Pop? Etse even in some instances Gospel! Don’t play! How you ask? Kindly finish the sentence for me; Blood of….. #GoFigure. As a Namibian father, should I be concerned about these INFLUENCIAL entertainers influencing my daughter to follow their Zamalistic ways? HELL YEAH! It won’t even help to ask/pay an entertainer to produce art meant to discourage alcohol abuse or to cease the indulgence thereof totally. Even if you do manage to get them to produce that art…it won’t be as passionate as when they are talking about popping bottles! So…what is to be done here? Food for thought.

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM
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