94 members join NDP – says Lukato


Katima Mulilo

The leader of the obscure political entity, National Democratic Party (NDP), Martin Lukato claims he has welcomed over 94 new members to his party since he began his political campaigns a week ago.

Even though only six people were said to be in attendance at his campaign meeting at Bukalo on Saturday Lukato maintains 52 new members joined his party on Saturday, while in the informal settlement of New Cowboy in Katima Mulilo he claims to have lured 42 new members when he held a meeting there on Monday.

Lukato, who has lately become a subject of much ridicule, due to his unorthodox methods of political campaigning, seemed to be unfazed by the taunts last week as he was seen walking from place to place shouting his political ambitions on a megaphone for the benefit of anyone who cared to listen.

Many of the passengers and hawkers did not seem to care much for his message as they continued with their business. Others were left rather stunned or out of amusement were obliged to listen to Lukato, who was not distracted by the mockery.

None of his candidates were spotted at his political campaigns, but he explained that they were busy elsewhere making ends meet, hence their absence. NDP candidates seen recently by this reporter include 10 for Bukalo Village Council and 12 for Katima Mulilo Town Council.

According to Lukato the NDP is only contesting the local authority election due to financial constraints. Lukato promised to provide free basic amenities ,such as water and electricity should his party be voted into power.
“NDP promises to provide free plots, water, electricity and housing to all the unemployed and underpaid citizens of Namibia.

“We will create more projects and factories and upgrade roads in all our towns. We will provide free education from kindergarten to tertiary level,” says Lukato.

He further noted that with decay in the moral fabric of society his party would fight the social ills plaguing the country, singling out corruption as a major problem. “We promise to address social ills, such as unemployment, the high rate of crime and especially the high rate of corruption in Namibia,” he said.

Lukato says with the pressing challenge of urbanisation he would provide shelter to those migrating to urban centres in search of jobs. “NDP will build free guest houses and flats for all incoming arrivals of unemployed citizens seeking plots and jobs in urban areas,” Lukato promised.

The regional and local authority elections are scheduled to take place tomorrow. Friday has been proclaimed a public holiday.


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