Unam exam cancelled over leaked papers



A handful of University of Namibia (Unam) students were left fuming last week after they discovered at the last minute that they would not be able to take the examination for one of their Faculty of Economics and Management Science modules, following allegations that those exam papers were leaked. At least 100 students were affected by the leakage of the exam paper.

Over the years Unam management has repeatedly declared some key modules during exams as null and void, following allegations that exam papers had been leaked.
Some aggrieved students, who shared their dismay with New Era on Monday, said they had been kept in the dark regarding the exam leakages until the very last minute, while they have been gard at work preparing for these exams.

“Management is not taking us seriously and they are not addressing the situation. Since I started at Unam four years ago, there are always papers leaked. Some lecturers never lecture during the course of the year. They are just busy engaging in their part-time jobs elsewhere. When they realise that the year is over, they leak question papers to some students, which then severely affects us,” one student said.

The students said that the Management Information Systems (MIS) course, where papers are alleged to have been leaked, is one of the subjects that regularly prevents students from graduating.
MIS distance students also complained that their lecturer has not been showing up for classes. Students said their faculty often sees examination papers leaked.

The affected students will now have to retake their exam in January next year.
Unam spokesperson John Haufiku yesterday confirmed the cancellation of the examination. He said Unam recalled one exam, based on reasonable suspicion that it might have been leaked.

He, however, denied that students were kept in the dark, saying the relevant department is currently in direct contact with the affected students regarding future exam dates.
Further, he said an investigation was launched as soon as the concern was lodged.

“Unfortunately, management cannot predict the outcome expected at this stage, but can assure all stakeholders that there will be an accounting. As a leading institution of higher learning, Unam apologises to their clients, the students, for this incident.” However, recalling the exam is in the interest of quality and progress, Haufiku said.

He added that Unam cannot let the “select mistakes of a few,” go unaddressed. “Like most leading organisations Unam has in place systems that ought to prevent abuse, but similar to how even banks constantly have to improve security measures, Unam too is challenged by the occasional mole in the system. It’s disappointing, but it is also an opportunity to learn and improve,” Haufiku said.

Last year, six Faculty of Economics and Management Science modules were declared null and void, following allegations that examination papers for second to fourth year courses had also been leaked.


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