Storytelling calendar closes




The Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) ends its storytelling calendar for the year at FNCC Library on Saturday, focusing on Christmas Day.

Storyteller Moseline Kavetu will read stories about Christmas to children aged six to 11 years old. In the last story telling hour she will read a story on how Christmas originated. After the storytelling the kids will engage in a game of building a tower and have some Christmas treat.

“We will have a Paris City tour by building the Eiffel Tower with fun material. We get to see how tall we will be able to build it and how we will function as a team,” Kavetu says.

She adds that it is important for the children to attend storytelling, because they get to enjoy some time away from home, listen to stories, talk about them and most importantly there is always an inspirational message to take away or lesson to learn .

“We make the storytelling fun and exciting for the children,” she says. “After the storytelling the children hang out and get to make new friends.  We strongly advocate a culture of reading and storytelling,” adds Kavetu.


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