Part of water dyke to be completed by December



Villages surrounding Oshakati are assured that they will not experience any floods once the new water dyke has been completed.

Chief executive officer of Oshakati Town Council Werner Iita said the new dyke would have more than ten storm-water dams to catch the water run-offs and the still standing water could also be utilised by the public.
A dyke is typically an embankment built for controlling or holding back the waters of the sea or a river. The dyke, which is to be constructed around Oshakati, is one of the projects meant to divert water around the town to prevent the water from entering the town. In addition, there will also be a sluice gate that closes and opens to control the flow of water out of the dams once they have reached capacity.

The Master Plan was developed in 2008 and has now been incorporated into the 2015-2020 strategic plan.
Phase one of the Master Plan, which includes the construction of a N$93 million traffic circle and a bridge at Okatana is expected to be completed by December.

In addition to the Okatana Bridge, two other bridges were constructed at Onendongo and Oshoopala, connecting Ehenye and Ekuku Township as part of the deepening and lining of the Okatana River.
The construction of bridges will allow water to flow freely without overflowing into the informal settlements, as is currently the case due to the accumulation of debris and other materials along the way. The Okatana River will also be cleaned and lined with sand.

“During the floods, the rest of the villagers are usually cut off from accessing services in the towns, but with the provision of bridges the water will now flow freely into the Oshanas and people will be able to travel to Oshakati as they please,” Iita said.

Additional bridges will also be constructed on the roads to Omungwelume, Ruacana, Okahao. The people in flood-prone areas, such as Eemwandi and Sky location are due to be relocated, as the Council strives to get rid of all informal settlements.

The area will then be serviced and made available for sale to the public and investors.
“So far 92 residents of Eemwandi and Sky have been allocated houses at Ekuku Township under the Mass Housing Project. The rest will follow as Council is still busy with the necessary preparations of the land,” Iita said.


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