Query: Minister Jerry Ekandjo, why do you say children born in Namibia during the liberation struggle are not included in the programme to get jobs? You must rethink this decision and support those of us who lost parents at the hands of the brutal Koevoet and SWAFT members during the war for Independence. We are not happy with the government’s decision at all. Even the people who assisted Swapo then are not being looked after now”.
Response: As somebody who has personally borne the brunt of the inhumane treatment of Koevoet and SWATF and has been fortunate to see the dawn of Namibia’s Independence, whereas others have paid the ultimate sacrifice by dying at the hands of Koevoet and SWATF, Honourable Jerry Ekandjo will never betray the trust of the fallen comrades, as he is acutely aware that the struggle for Namibia’s Independence was fought both inside and outside the borders of Namibia.

Therefore, the disparaging utterance purported to have come from Hon. Jerry Ekandjo is contrary to the ultimate contributions the fallen comrades have made for the sake of Namibia. Hon. Ekandjo will forever cherish and value the contributions of the fallen comrades, whose blood indeed waters our freedom.

Cabinet, through various resolutions, has decided which of the children of the liberation struggle can benefit from the programme. The said Cabinet resolution also makes provision for children of the liberation struggle, whose parents fought inside the country to benefit from this programme.

The Namibian government has always strived to do best for its citizens and this programme is amongst the many attempts of government to look after its people. Yes, it might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but is still a noble attempt to look after those orphaned by the war for Independence, the unemployed and the children of the liberation struggle born inside or outside Namibia.

The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service is not an employer of the ‘children of the liberation struggle’, but rather a facilitator in maintaining and updating the database on these indivduals. The registration of these so-called kids’ names does not guarantee employment, as employment in any government ministry is dependent on the availability of entry-level vacancies. It should be noted that there are many unemployed young people in Namibia competing for the same jobs. The vacancies are open to all Namibians, not only ‘children of the liberation struggle’. The fact that government recognizes this category of people as a special case should in no way be seen to mean exclusion of other Namibian youth.

Aina Shikesho, Chief Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, Email:


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