Query: Why is the alienation of houses in Lüderitz not taking place? Why is the proposal to give the houses to sitting tenants not being implemented? For how long must we still wait?

Response: The Alienation Scheme in Lüderitz started during 1992 in Benguela and all houses that were older than 20 years at the time qualified for the scheme. Most of the tenants managed to have their houses alienated, with only seven houses remaining to date. In total 285 houses were alienated in Benguela.
As per the requirement for alienation, houses that are in services arrears must be cleared before they can be transferred to the qualifying tenants. Unfortunately, four of the seven remaining houses are in arrears; hence, the alienation of these houses is not yet completed. Tenants are encouraged to approach Council for arrangements on the settling of arrears.

We have also experienced cases of dispute over the ownership of some houses and Council cannot get involved in these disputes. Families that are still implicated in such matters are, therefore, urged to sort out their differences and come to Council with the names of persons the ownership should be transferred to.
For more inquiries regarding the alienation process, the properties officer, Lien Stevens, can be contacted on 063-207800/11.

Johanna Ileka, Public Relations Officer, Lüderitz Town Council, Email:


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