Concerned group accuses NSC of dirty tricks… Namibian sport in shambles



A group of self-proclaimed concerned sports enthusiasts has formed a cartel to challenge what they describe as injustices within the top echelons of domestic sports.

New Era Sport has been reliably informed that the disgruntled group, called the Representative Committee for National Sports Bodies, is frustrated by the National Sports Commission (NSC) resolution not to extend Harald Fulle’s contract. Fulle was roped in as consultant, replacing Sivuthe Katamba, who has since been appointed director of sports in the portfolio ministry, where he succeeded retired Dr Vetumbuavi Veii. The latter has since resurfaced at the NSC, exchanging portfolios with his former protégé, but his appointment did not appease some aggrieved individuals in the sporting fraternity.

NSC interim chief administrator Walter Haseb condemned in the strongest terms those opposing Veii’s appointment: “Just as the country’s president appoints ministers of his choice, in this case the line minister is the appointing authority and challenging the appointment of Dr Veii undermines the minister’s authority, notwithstanding the powers vested in him as the designated head of sports”.Haseb minced no words, rubbishing suggestions that Fulle was given a raw deal by not having his short-term contract reviewed. “He (Fulle) was never fully employed by the NSC, as he was merely recruited as a consultant on a sixth-month contract, which was even extended for a further three months,” the clearly agitated Haseb charged.

He questioned the rationale behind the complaints and wants to know why these very same people did not raise concerns when former NSC chief administrator Rusten Mogane’s contract was not renewed. “This is absolute hypocrisy and double standards. Why should this concerned group all of a sudden become concerned about Fulle, who was just a consultant on an ad hoc basis, while they did not raise a finger when Mogane left?”

New Era Sport has learned that people with questionable motives are behind the plot to have Veii removed. Apparently, he is seen as a threat to some sports officials’ ultimate survival, since they have already designed their own gravy train within the annals of the country’s presiding sports body.

New Era Sport knows the identity of the individuals at the helm of the envisaged rebel group, amongst them, a prominent administrator with close links to cricket and tennis.


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