BA coach in fistfight with official… denies he was arrested



Local football fans were on Sunday forced to bury their heads in shame as they strolled out of the Independence Stadium after witnessing a scandalous fistfight between Black Africa coach Woody Jacobs and a football administrator.

According to a well-placed source, who witnessed the scuffle first-hand, Jacobs was locked in a heated argument with former Khomas Regional Second Division League (KRSDL) chairman and Citizens FC co-owner Dawid Goagoseb, with Woody said to have fueled the quarrel by directing a stream of unprintable words at Goagoseb.
“I was sitting just a few chairs away from Woody and Dawid and we heard them arguing about the outcome of Saturday’s Khomas Regional Second Division League Annual General Meeting (AGM). From what I could gather, Woody was unhappy with the overall way the AGM was conducted, while on the other hand Dawid defended the manner in which the AGM proceedings went. It later became a very heated debate, with both parties exchanging insults left, right and centre,” said the source.

“What we witnessed next, if my memory serves me right, was Woody punching Dawid from behind and luckily he didn’t fall to the ground.

“That’s when he retaliated by knocking Woody out and the scuffle continued on the floor of the VIP stands for close to five minutes before the police intervened and arrested Woody.”

Approached for comment yesterday, the seemingly short-fused Black Africa mentor confirmed to New Era Sport that he was indeed involved in a “small scuffle” – in his own words – but insisted that the issue was resolved later that night.

“Yes, it’s true. We only had a minor disagreement,where some harsh words were exchanged that later resulted in a small scuffle. It wasn’t only me uttering the insults. He (Dawid) also said some nasty things to me, which I didn’t like, so that’s how it all went, but we have sorted the issue out now,” Woody said.

‘’I was not arrested. It’s a pure lie. I was just escorted from the scene by the police and was later left to go home. I saw people on Facebook that night saying I was arrested, but I can confirm that it’s not true at all.

“I also didn’t punch him. He just slipped and people thought I punched him from behind, but anyways, I called Dawid and apologised for what happened and he apologised as well, so we are cool now,” he added.
Goagoseb could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.



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