Christopher the Grand to launch debut album


His name may be new in the Afro soul music domain but when you see Christopher the Grand perform live you will agree that he is something special.

Christopher, whose real name is Christopher Grant, is a Namibian-born singer, dancer and promising actor who recently put pen to paper to compose his first single Wish You the Best, which is proving to be a great hit.

He sings in Portuguese, Afrikaans and English and does other genres like blues, jazz, pop, house, kizomba as well as classical music with ease. He started out four years ago on the Song Night stage and worked his way through to finally recording his debut album, Let Me Go, which he is to launch on Thursday at the Hilton Hotel. The ten-track album, all his own compositions, reveals a painful, beautiful yet whimsical look into Christopher’s life journey. “I started at Song Night and their support and belief in me pushed me to lift myself up and dedicate my time and emotions to completing this album.

“Let Me Go talks about love, disappointment, choices and so much more. Apart from my Portuguese kizomba song Maria Nela and Afrikaans jive song Kuier, every other song on the album is there to motivate and inspire reflection.”
“Working on the album was truly a labour of love and I even wept at times, because it was just so difficult to get every aspect to work. I now understand the difficulties that occur when communication is not respected, budgets fall through, and the various other factors that can massively influence the production of an album. But with the awesome work of my producers Araffath and Danny Azangi, my agent Lize Ehlers and many others, I can say Let Me Go is a big chunk of my soul on a CD.”

Christopher wants his debut album to pierce the minds of those who have gone through many ups and downs but at the same time still managed to rise above their challenges.
The launch will start 18h00 on Thursday eveniing. Entrance fee is N$500, including a meal.


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