Solidarity tax a misplaced initiative


Firstly, I seek to be explicit that this doesn’t overpower the respect and honour that I have for our president.
Mr President, when you assumed the daunting responsibilities of propelling this country toward prosperity, the majority were convinced that Namibia was in good hands! Your accomplishments within your first hundred days in office cemented this belief, too.

However, sadness has befallen me as an individual and society as a whole, following contemporary undertakings, such as the issue of solidarity tax being currently mooted. As far as I am concerned, the issue of solidarity tax has two side effects:

Firstly, it will promote laziness among a vast majority of our people, for they know that their bread is guaranteed from the pockets of those who work hard, even when their arms are folded.

Secondly, the affected working groups will be demoralised to know that their hard-earned produce is shared with the lazy members of society against their will.

Mr President, people at the grass-roots level may not have the power to stop your initiatives, even when they see them as inappropriate. However, they do have the power to compromise productivity, in retaliation for something they are forced into.

Mr President, please do the honourable thing and rethink the issue of solidarity tax, for the consequences may outweigh the intentions.
It takes decades to build, but only seconds to destroy.
Oshana Region


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