Industry Loop: Zambezi Magic Can be the next home of Namibian Music


Because Namibian musicians expect to be spoon fed, they not cash in on the call for music video submissions by Zambezi Magic! Selma Kaulinge, the PRO for Multichoice Namibia once announced on Energy100fm that Zambezi Magic is looking at creating entertainment platforms where Namibian content would be aired. Mara, you know mos…in the TV (or radio) business, one cannot “air” anything if you do not have content. In this case, Namibian content!

I spoke to Selma a few weeks ago, enquiring about the response by Namibian entertainers to Multichoice Namibia’s call for Namibian music videos destined for Zambezi Magic. To my surprise, her office responded by saying that they only got a handful of Namibian entertainers who submitted their videos! Handful ti? How is this even remotely possible? As a result of endless moans and groans (not the happy groans…#ClearsThroat) by Namibian entertainers, I dedicated a full onslaught on continental entertainment platforms such as Channel O and MTV Base as to why they are not airing Namibian content.

A month later, we have Zambezi Magic via Multichoice Namibia requesting for Namibian music videos…and only a handful show up #LizeEhlersVoice….? Nahman! Oh wait, you didn’t know? You didn’t know? Seriously? You would’ve known if you hadn’t been cooked up in that glorious studio of yours! On this very platform, I wrote about entertainers who need to keep abreast with current affairs. It is through current affairs that you can generate ideas/themes/storylines for your art and thus jump on opportunities once they present them self.

If you read that column, light bulbs would have lid in your head and you would’ve kept abreast of what is currently trending. But nooooooooooooooooo, you brushed me off as a “Hater” and dismissed my advice. #BreathsIn #BreathsOut, this aint about you Damara! Keep it together! Back to what I was saying…Namibian Entertainers-You cannot expect Multichoice Namibia to spoon feed you. It’s like asking Woerman Brock (I’m all for a Namibian product/service) to call you on your personal mobile to alert you when bread is in stock. Abomination!

It will never happen! Multichoice Namibia used the platforms they deemed fit to disseminate information, and you ought to consume it! Dear Namibian entertainer, kindly get hold of Selma Kaulinge. Lesson of the story? Your precious “Studio” can only help you so much. Open your eyes and read a gah damn paper every once in a while homie! Stop being so egotistic and listen to other “music” on the radio…while you listening…information that might be to your benefit might just come your way!

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM

Song of the week: Prophet Jackson: Ila Nena
Flop of the week: Omlaule (every song by Omlaule is an earsore!)

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