‘Struggle kids’ force Swapo to close its regional office



Staff members at the Swapo Party office in Oshakati were yesterday compelled to close their doors following violence by the ‘struggle kids’.

Unruly ‘children of the liberation struggle’, who are now divided into two ideological groups, allegedly destroyed the water meter, causing water to drain into the party office.
The group also threatened to stone the staff after they were reportedly refused access to a water tap at the Oshana Swapo regional office where they are camping.

According to the Swapo coordinator for Oshana Region, Erastus Kapolo, two groups of ‘struggle kids’ approached his office to help them with water, but he told them to write him a letter first to obtain the necessary permission.
He said the groups approached him for water because the pond where they usually draw water had dried up because of the drought. coupled with the high demand for water at this time of the year by other residents making use of the pond.

“After they wrote the letter on Tuesday I called the [Swapo] regional executive committee to discuss the issue. The committee decided to forward the matter to the party headquarters in Windhoek. We informed the two groups that they must wait for the answers from Windhoek but they refused. They (‘struggle kids’) then said they would use their power to get water,” said Kapolo.

Kapolo said the two groups then became violent.
“I don’t know what we can do to help these children. They refuse to listen and to cooperate and they use their power to get whatever they want. It was better to close the offices and wait until the situation had calmed down,” said Kapolo.

Kapolo further explained that Swapo is busy preparing for a star rally in the area that is scheduled for Saturday but they fear that the ‘struggle kids’ will disrupt the rally.

He said if the government does not take action against them they could cause chaos during the upcoming elections.
He further explained that the ‘struggle kids’ are divided into two groups, which fight each other every now and then.
Yesterday the one group marched to the Angolan consulate to hand over a petition, in which they demanded to be taken to Angola where their parents died during the struggle for Namibia’s independence.

The consulate accepted the letter and delivered it to Kapolo at the Swapo office in Oshakati.
“When they saw that people from the Angolan consulate were delivering the letter to the Swapo office they immediately came to my office demanding back their letter. They said the letter was not addressed to Swapo but to the Angolan government. The police instructed us to give it back just to avoid chaos,” explained a concerned Kapolo.
New Era was unable to immediately get comment from the ‘struggle kids’.

Earlier this week another group of unruly ‘struggle kids’, who are camping in Windhoek, assaulted leaders of the Namibia Exile Kids Association (Neka) during a meeting at Government Office Park.
It was also reported that the group forced their way onto the Swapo headquarters’ premises claiming that they feared the snakes where they are camping.


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