Oshakati Open Market to start operating soon



The long-awaited Oshakati Open Market will be inaugurated shortly after the elections, chief executive officer Werner Iita has confirmed. The impressive-looking market was constructed at a cost of N$80 million.

“The new Oshakati Open Market has been completed. After the elections, the allocation and opening will be done,” Iita said.
The opening of the open market has been delayed since June last year, while council awaited the arrival and fitting of the lift observation tower, which was being manufactured in Germany.

The new open market can accommodate 600 vendors, whereas the existing market can accommodate only 200 vendors.

The designers have incorporated bio-diversity into the structure of the new market by naming the various departments after indigenous trees.

The 12-floor observation tower, which will give visitors an aerial view of the town, is also named after surrounding villages.
Oshakati public relations officer Jackson Muma appealed to the public to make use of the open market. According to Muma no vendor will in future be allowed to trade around the town: “We will not have people serving anywhere in town, because it poses a threat to vendors along the road. They can be hit by a car and their food is also exposed to dust.”

The new open market will house an administrative office, information kiosk, retail stalls and public meeting hall. It will have public toilets, cold storage facilities, a craft market, seasonal food market, a children’s playground, a 37-metre high observation tower, as well as a braai and raw meat market. The open market will also host a bus terminal.
“Once the open market is officially open passengers en route to their various destinations will also be loaded and off-loaded here. We will no longer allow buses to operate from anywhere else around town,” Iita further said.

The 1.7-hectare current open market will eventually be sold to investors to raise funds to further develop the town.
CEO Iita said the proposal has been advertised and several prospective companies have already presented their plans to the board, “but the process has not yet been finalised.”


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