Kashikola wants fair police promotions



Deputy Minister of Safety and Security Daniel Kashikola has instructed the police command to ensure that uniformed staff are promoted fairly and on merit.

Addressing a five-day gathering of senior police officers at Lüderitz, Kashikola’s remarks come hot on the heels of a spate of grievances regarding suspected favourism in the ranks of the Namibian police force.
Kashikola further emphasised that those officers who are promoted should be the ones who are most committed, dedicated and hardworking, not those officers who are not dedicated to their work.

“We need to become professional officers, therefore, recognition should go to those who are doing well,” said the senior police commander at the meeting, that included the Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Sebastian Ndeitunga.

He said during the gathering – that started on Monday and end son Friday – that a lot of information sharing would happen and they would discuss the way forward in their quest to combat crime.
As criminals’ behaviour changes, the police also need to adapt continuously to stay ahead of criminals, or risk being outfoxed, he said.

“We need to train our staff, as the criminals are in training all the time,” the deputy safety and security minister said. He advised the senior police command to work together, as it is nearly election time and festive season and these are the times when communities are most prone to opportunistic crime.

At the same occasion, Kashikola applauded the police for their dedication and hard work in apprehending criminals and returning stolen possessions. He said they should continue with their hard work.
The entire senior command of the Namibian police force from all 14 regions is attending the meeting in Lüderitz.


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