SME Bank opens new branch in Rundu



SME Bank recently opened a new branch at the Rundu shopping mall and people have already started flocking to the branch to open accounts, as well as to get more information about the bank and the services it offers.

The people of Kavango have been waiting for the bank to open its doors in the region for some time to be able to make use of the bank’s services and also to secure financial support for small business enterprises (SME’s) that need financial assistance.

SME Bank is 65 percent owned by the Namibian government and 35 percent foreign-owned.
“The bank is open for individuals who can also open accounts here, as well as for Small and Medium Enterprises.
“Currently we have two ATMs, one just in front of the bank and another along the other banks’ ATMs, next to the parking outside the mall where we are located,” Laban Ndjadila, the manager for employee banking at the SME Bank in Rundu, pointed out.

The bank has a mandate to look after SMEs in the country. “We look at how we can assist clients in obtaining finance to boost their business, so the government wants to see that the people are assisted,” Ndjadila said.

Currently the bank has a team of 16 staff and the branch manager is Gregentia Kambwali. The bank will officially open next year.


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