Neka will refund ‘struggle kids’



The leadership of the Namibian Exile Kids Association (Neka) says Saturday’s frenzied attack by the ‘struggle kids’ has compelled it to decide to refund the N$25 membership fee to the 113 struggle kid members who want their money back.

Neka leaders were on Saturday assaulted and held hostage by the unemployed youngsters during an information sharing session that turned nasty after the group of struggle kids expressed discontent with the manner in which Neka was addressing their plight.

Struggle kids on Saturday attacked Neka staff whom they pelted with water bottles, cooldrink cans, plastic and other objects and they also threatened to beat them up in an ugly scene that was only brought under control by members of the Special Reserve Force and not the Special Field Force as initially reported.

Neka leadership is considering opening a case against individuals that can be seen in video footage assaulting and insulting the organisation’s staff.

The irate protestors accused Neka of being liars, “who only used them for personal gain” and demanded that the organisation give back the N$25 which they paid for membership on a yearly basis.

Neka president Benita Nakaambo said the leadership already withdrew the money yesterday and would organise a meeting in the presence of the police to refund the 113 members who indicated they would resign from Neka.
“We had a meeting on Sunday morning with the struggle kids’ leaders to solve the situation that erupted. They have indicated that 113 of the members want their money. So we withdrew the money today (Monday) to give it back so that we can part ways. If they feel they need another organisation to represent them, they are free, it is a democratic country. We are here legally and we cannot be removed illegally,” she said.

Nakaambo said that some of the protestors camping near the Swapo office have since Sunday apologised to the Neka leadership and would not cancel their membership.

“As an unwavering progressive leadership, we have decided to give the camping kids the benefit of the doubt to allow them an opportunity to review their decision taken on Saturday. The current view is that some do not want the money. They said the chaos was caused by anger they felt at that moment. But all the 113 have indicated they want their money back,” Nakaambo noted.

Neka leadership said most of the members are in arrears, as they only made a one-off payment when they joined.
When asked about Neka leaders’ safety, Nakaambo said the experience had been “difficult and uncomfortable” for all of them.

“But the leadership of Neka has taken a position that in all future engagements with any struggle kids, we will make sure that the Namibian police are present. We will not be deterred by individuals who want to shift us from our mission and vision of the mighty Neka,” she said.


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