ECN impressed with peaceful campaigns



The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) director of operations, Theo Mujoro, says the electoral body is impressed with the political maturity and tolerance displayed by the various political parties campaigning for the regional and local elections scheduled for next week.

He said no cases of violence or intimidation were registered with the ECN ahead of the November 27 polls.
“There has been no major issue registered with us and for me that is comforting. I simply appeal to everybody for calmness,” Mujoro told New Era upon inquiry yesterday, adding that the situation “is highly commendable”.

DTA secretary general Elma Dienda yesterday said that apart from the removal of opposition party posters allegedly by Swapo members, “no intimidation or violence has been observed so far”.
“The only problem we are facing is the removal of posters by Swapo supporters here at Donkerhoek,” Dienda said.

Nudo presidential spokesperson Joseph Kauandenge said he was particularly happy with the campaigns.
“I am actually surprised by the maturity of the Namibian people. So far there has been no intimidation, harassment, not even the damaging of a poster as far as I know,” said Kauandenge who is campaigning for the Katutura Central Constituency seat. Swapo secretary general Nangolo Mbumba and RDP secretary general Mike Kavekotora’s phones went unanswered yesterday.

Mujoro used the opportunity to remind all the political parties to avoid campaigning within a 500-metre radius from polling stations.

He said his message to political parties is to campaign in peace and liberty.
“I would also like to take this occasion to express my desire to see an election process that is peaceful and that in the end all political parties come to accept the results,” he added.

Namibians will go to the polls to elect new regional and local councillors to serve five-year terms.
During the election, voters vote for the candidate they believe will administer their constituency the most capably and effectively. During the first sitting of the regional council, the members elect two councillors to represent the region in the National Council.

Local authority councils comprise all municipal, town and village councils. These councils are tasked with managing and maintaining the area for which they are established and which they represent.

The current political climate is in sharp contrast to previous political campaigns, where incidents of politically motovated violence and the defacing of rivals’ political campaign materials were recorded.


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