Community should take ownership of new police station



The community of Karasburg was implored to take full ownership of the new police station, constructed at a cost of N$22,3 million, which was inaugurated here on Saturday.

The new police station was inaugurated on Saturday by Major-General Desiderius Ireneus Shilunga and consists of a charge office, gender and child protection unit, a petrol station, 36 rooms for police officers and a holding cell.
Taking to the podium on behalf of Police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga, Shilunga urged the police and public to ensure that the facility is well taken care of.

He said it is of utmost importance that the police and the community work hand-in-hand to combat escalating crime in the region.

He also emphasised the importance of the public relations committees in the police force, noting that it is important to work with the community and these committees are there as a means of coordination between the police and the community.

“The police cannot succeed in combating crime without the community,” he stressed. He also commended the relationship between the police and Namibian Defence Force, saying coordination and cooperation between the two should be strengthened.

Karasburg Constituency Councillor Paulus Efraim shared similar sentiments, as he urged the police and the community at large to ensure the station is well taken care of. “We must look after this building and not only the police, but the community at large,” he noted.

Efraim further called for a review of the recruitment process of the police force, explaining that young people from Karasburg district are not being recruited so they can also serve their country.

While proceedings were underway one officer collapsed and had to be carried to a nearby tent, where he was given water and a wet cloth to cool off his body before he was taken to hospital. Another had to sit down and take some water before returning to the parade.

Be it the scorching sun, hunger or fitness levels that took a toll on the male police officers, the female police officers stood firm, with none needing refreshment or rest throughout the event.


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