Children MPs find Astralian conference fruitful



The 7th International Commonwealth Youth Parliament (CYP) was an extraordinary opportunity to engage and network with young minds from across the world and to build relations and ties that will last long.
Sandre Botma and Dylan Mukoroli of the Children’s Parliament represented Namibia at the CYP held in Darwin Northern Territory, Australia, earlier this month.

According to Botma, who is the Speaker of the Namibian Children’s Parliament, the fact that young people are getting an opportunity to attend such conferences shows the government’s investment in the youth and opens up new connections with their peers around the world.

She adds that during the session delegates were required to apply to a political party or stay independent with her opting for the conservative ‘United Commonwealth Party’ and Mukoroli joining the ‘Progressive Party’.
“With the Conservative party making up government, I got elected as the CYP Deputy Chief Minister. “However, as politics goes within a minority government, the government was overturned at the end of day three and my title then changed to Deputy Leader of the Opposition,” says Botma.

She further adds that the delegates were familiarised with various aspects of politics and parliamentary procedure, with the main of focussing on what being a politician really entails and what the unwritten job description requires.
“We had the opportunity to engage in various parliamentary debates revolving around climate change, private sector and government co-operation, as well as law-making principles and human rights, where Mukoroli was a great asset to his party in this regard,” adds Botma.

“It is always said that the youth are the future. However, during CYP 7 it has been remarked that the youth are the present. This statement has stayed with me ever since and I realised once again that you truly need to be the change you want to see in the world.”


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