Aus police barracks unveiled



The Namibian Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga has implored the Aus police to work around the clock to ensure crime is tackled so that residents live in peace and without fear of falling victim to crime.
He further cautioned all those committing crime that the police won’t take it lying down.

Ndeitunga, who is also Interpol’s vice-president for Africa, made the call in his keynote address delivered on his behalf by the Deputy Inspector-General Des Shilunga, during the inauguration of the Aus police barracks on Saturday.

Ndeitunga said that the scourge of gender-based violence (GBV) and killings resulting from failed relationships continues to be a source of serious concern for the nation and in particular for law enforcement agents.
He also urged all Namibian citizens, especially men, to guard against violence against women, domestic violence and all evil and vice.

He encouraged the nation to make use of the judicial system to resolve conflict rather than people taking the law into their own hands.

“Let us forgive one another for unbecoming behaviour towards one another. And if we cannot work out our differences, then let us agree to disagree and move on, because butchering our sisters, mothers, girlfriends and wives is not a solution,” advised the Namibian police chief.

He said that the completion of the new facility at Aus in the //Karas Region is a welcome development,
because it replaces the old harsh living conditions of the men and women in uniform, which were not conducive to an environment providing for the delivery of quality policing service to the community.

The new police barracks was constructed at a cost of N$14.6 million,and will accommodate 36 police officers. The barracks comprise of an entertainment area, a kitchen, a laundry, a storeroom and ablution facilities.
Currently 17 police officers work at Aus police station.

Ndeitunga explained that although accommodation is no longer a challenge, the station is still faced with many hurdles such as insufficient transport and communication equipment, a lack of manpower and water shortages.
However, the government is working tirelessly to ensure that all the challenges faced by the men and women in uniform are addressed, he said.

He commended the government for continuing to develop an effective police force by providing sufficient resources, notwithstanding the economic challenges the country is facing.

The construction of police stations with housing components in other parts of the country is also progressing and well on track, he added.

Ndeitunga encouraged the Aus police to take full advantage of the new facility and improve service delivery, now that they are housed closer to the police station.

He says they should work hard to satisfy their customers – the community – and reduce the number of complaints about service delivery.


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