UPM promises affordable land, better service delivery



The United People’s Movement (UPM) leader Jan van Wyk has promised to provide affordable land and tackle the issue of shebeens in urban areas if the party’s candidates are voted into power next week.

Political parties will contest the regional council and local authority elections next week Friday.
Speaking in Okahandja at a rally held at Oshetu 2 informal settlement on Saturday afternoon, Van Wyk vowed that elected UPM councillors would be dealt with should they fail voters.

“When such cases are reported the UPM will investigate and if found to be true, the UPM will not hesitate to remove such councillors and replace them with people who are ready to serve residents,” he said.
The party will only contest elections in Okahandja and Rehoboth.

He also spoke about the party’s vision for the two towns.
“The UPM has a plan, a strategy and the political will to bring positive changes to the towns of Okahandja and Rehoboth. The UPM has nothing to promise but I can assure you that the issue of affordable land for the poor is high on our agenda,” he said.

The UPM parliamentarian expressed shock at the garbage and filth that continue to plague Okahandja.
“UPM is shocked to see how dirt has taken over this beautiful town. This cannot be allowed and needs urgent attention,” he said.

Van Wyk also expressed concern about the mushrooming of shebeens across the country, saying: “This country has become a centre for shebeens which destroy our nation. The UPM promises to tackle shebeens in urban areas to make our town a safe place for our people.”

He also took a swipe at the ruling Swapo Party, saying it allowed the dire situation in Okahandja to fester.
“It is sad that the party that has ruled this town for the past 20 years allowed this to happen. Unfortunately people still vote for it. Does it mean we are happy to live like animals while the elites live like kings and queens? The UPM will not allow this,” he said.

The ruling Swapo Party is the only party contesting all 121 constituencies as well as all 57 local authorities.


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