Swapo candidate promises open-door policy



Windhoek East Constituency candidate of the Swapo Party Joyce Nangula-Namuhuja (pictured above) says there are many challenges facing the constituency and she needs guidance and advice from the electorate to make the constituency effective.

She told party supporters during a mini-rally at the United Sports Field on Saturday that to address their concerns she would need Windhoek East residents to vote her into office.

“To achieve this, we have one river to cross to make sure our party wins. So I urge you to come out in large numbers on November 27 and vote for me, Joyce Nangula. I will have an open-door policy to ensure the grassroots can make their voices heard,” she promised.

Deputy Prime Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, who had just arrived in the country from Zimbabwe, came straight from Hosea Kutako International Airport to the meeting, but showed no sign of fatigue.
She said, despite the fact that everyone in the audience may have their preferred candidate, the Swapo Party could only field one candidate for the each regional council election.

“Now that the internal selection is over. We must all be united and vote for the [Swapo] Party to make sure that this candidate we have chosen is elected,” she said and urged the electorate to mobilise more votes in favour of the ruling party.

“We must mobilise our people, our neighbours, wherever we meet them. We must use every opportunity available to direct our people to the right place, and the right place is to vote for a Swapo candidate,” Nandi-Ndaitwah said.
Nandi-Ndaitwah said she was given a task by the people of this country to ensure that the party delivers on what they promised in the Swapo Party’s election manifesto last year.

“And we are talking to all Namibians, black and white. That is the beauty of our country… What makes us beautiful are the different colours that we have and different tribes, which is a source of inspiration,” she said.

She said tribal issues should not divide people, but should rather unite them: “The different tribes should not be used to divide people, but rather to strengthen us.

“Talk to your neighbours to make them understand about continuity and the legacy that we are building upon. Don’t break the chain. It will be very difficult to implement the Swapo election manifesto if the strength is broken.
“So go out and give us the full mandate to fulfil the cycle of development to deliver the services you need,” she advised.

Among the sympathisers and supporters on the day were First Lady Monica Geingos, Minister of Public Enterprise Leon Jooste, Hidipo Hamutenya, Herman Toivo ya Toivo, Ambassador Shapwa Kaukungwa, Norah Apollus and Lineekela Hamutenya.


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