FNB’s inContact can help prevent fraud on your account



FNB Namibia has advised that their innovative messaging system allows customers to keep up to date with account balances and helps them to better manage their money and prevent fraud on their accounts.

“The inContact service sends you a message via SMS or email each time a transaction is carried out on any of your FNB accounts at no extra charge. It further serves as an early warning system for any unauthorised transactions on your accounts,” said Desery van Wyk, manager of cellphone banking at FNB Namibia.

She added that it was also designed to keep track of financial transactions as they occur, while being able to identify any unauthorised transactions on accounts. “It is also important to note that customers can choose when to receive messages, such as during office hours or 24 hours a day, which means that you will not get an sms at 05h00 on a Sunday morning if you do not want to.”

FNB also offers the option for customers to receive inContact notifications (OTP – one-time pin) via sms, e-mail or both. “And all of this is free of charge,” says Van Wyk. If OTP notifications do not come through via SMS, customers can make use of their secondary option to receive their OTP via eMail.”

FNB Namibia offers another option, namely making use of the FNB app on the cellphone to enjoy hassle-free banking, because there is no need for an OTP when doing transactions on the mobile app. Even once-off payments can be done without the need to enter an OTP using the FNB app. Van Wyk concluded by saying there should, therefore, be no reason why customers cannot transact via the digital channels if they do not receive their OTP.

Lastly, she said advantages to mobile banking are plentiful and include the fact that users can perform several financial functions conveniently and securely: “You can check account balances, review recent transactions, transfer funds, pay bills and more. Mobile banking is also available round the clock and can be accessed almost anywhere. In short, it is convenient, available and extremely affordable.”


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