Three-year-old drowns in Kavango River



A three-year-old boy drowned at Sauyemwa in the Kavango on Saturday while several children looking on helplessly as the tragedy unfolded.

Recently people, including children, have been flocking to the river in high numbers to cool off from the scorching heat that is engulfing the region as the third successive year of drought takes grip.

Like many kids, who were also at the river that day, three-year-old Fernando Ngonga from the Sauyemwa people – was having fun with the other kids along the river when he tragically drowned. The police mortuary services were called to the scene and took the deceased three-year-old’s body to the morgue.

In response Kavango East acting crime coordinator Detective Chief Inspector Chrispin Mubebo cautioned residents taking their children to the river to be watchful and not to let the kids out of sight, as anything could happen within a split second.

“I am appealing to residents of Kavango East Region who intend to cool off and socialise at the river to be wary, as incidents of drowning are on the increase and that is a grim concern. “Please look after the children once near the water and elders, who don’t know how to swim, should be careful as the river is a dangerous place,” he said.
“Incidents not only of drowning but also croc attacks occur along the Kavango River every now and then and that is very dreadful,” he said.

In other news, the police reported that another three-year-old burned to death at about 10h30 on Saturday in a hut fire at Mut’jiku village at the family homestead. Mut’jiku is located in Mukwe Constituency in Kavango East.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but “the police are actively investigating the cause of the fire,” Detective Chief Inspector Mubebo said. The boy’s corpse was taken to the Andara Hospital morgue. The infant has been identified as Herman Haingura.


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