Swapo candidates implored to serve electorate



Swapo Party deputy secretary general Laura McLeod-Katjirua has urged party candidates who stand ready to contest the November 27 elections to put self-interest aside and take on the responsibility of hard work.

Addressing a Swapo Party election campaign rally at Tobias Hainyeko Constituency on Saturday, McLeod-Katjirua, who is also the Khomas Regional Governor, advised candidates to hold high the flame of patriotism and selflessness.
“You are the servants of the people. Serve them regardless of their status in society,” she said, addressing close to 200 party supporters and sympathisers.

She urged the candidates to build on the legacy of the party, as cemented by forerunners for generations to come. McLeod-Katjirua also called on supporters and sympathisers to vote for Swapo, saying it is the only party that can guarantee peace and stability.

“Vote for the Swapo Party, the party you trust, the party that will crush poverty and bring prosperity to all Namibians,” she stressed. She said the Swapo Party is the only party that has outlined a social welfare plan for needy Namibians, including senior citizens.

“The Swapo Party government introduced social grants for orphans, marginalised and vulnerable children, as well as people living with disabilities, as well as special programmes for the San, Ovahimba and Ovatue communities,” she said.

“It is appropriate to remind you that all our recorded victories and sustainable existence is because of the love and trust the majority of our people have in this mighty Swapo Party… that unwavering trust and confidence for us to govern on their behalf.”

She said Swapo has performed according to their supporters’ wishes and aspirations.
“If we have not performed, then we should expect the consequences. That is why it is crucial that we identify cadres that are suitable to deal with the demands and challenges of urban and rural centres, such as yours,” she said.
McLeod-Katjirua said it is evident that the Swapo Party is the only party with the capacity and experience to intensify and aggressively wage the war against poverty and hunger, with the aim of wealth redistribution.

She said her party is also the only one that has demonstrated its unwavering and uncompromising determination and commitment to gender equality, youth and women empowerment.

She also used the opportunity to introduce the party’s preferred candidate for the Tobias Hainyeko Constituency, Christopher Likuwa. Likuwa replaces councillor and chairperson of the Khomas Regional Council, Sulu Shitongeni, who was voted out during the party’s internal primary elections.


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