Girl, 12, commits suicide with laptop cable



Over the past weekend the Namibian police recorded three incidents of rape, two incidents of children burning to death in huts and four incidents of suicide, including a 12-year girl from Ombili in Windhoek, who reportedly took her own life by hanging herself with a laptop cable.

Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi said at the police briefing yesterday that Magdalena Shaetonhodi, 12 was found hanging from the roof in her bedroom on Friday at 17h00. Shikwambi said no suicide note was left behind and police investigations continue.

In a related matter, a 22-year-old man from Oidimba Yanakalunga village in Eenhana shot and killed himself with pistol on Saturday afternoon. The deceased is Simon Pandulaomwene Hafyenaye.

At Eenhana at Oshilao village the police also recorded a case of suicide when a 43-year-old was found hanging from a piece of cloth in her room on Saturday at 19h00. Shikwambi said in both incidences, no suicides notes were left behind.

At Ehafo at Ondangwa police opened a case of suicide when Johannes Lukas (age unknown) was found hanging from a rope in a storeroom on Friday. Shikwambi said initially Lukas was reported as missing on November 11.


The weekly crime report included a case of the alleged defilement of a 10-year-old girl from Oshinyadhila in Oshakati, who was raped by a 51-year-old man on Friday. The man has since been arrested.
The suspect, who is part of a road construction team in the area, reportedly lured the girl – who was passing by at the time – to his tent with sweets where he allegedly raped her.

At Okahao the police also arrested a 29-year-old for raping and assaulting a woman on Saturday. Shikwambi said the suspect reportedly approached the victim who was heading home with her child on her back from a cuca shop at 22h00 on Friday. “He assaulted her and when she fell, he requested her to remove the child and raped her. The victim sustained serious injuries and was treated at Okahao district hospital,” Shikwambi said, adding that the victim was kicked in the jaw and in the back.

In Windhoek Otjomuise 8ste Laan, a 28-year-old woman was raped by a man, who held a knife to her throat. The incident happened on Sunday at between 03h00 and 04h00. Shikwambi said the suspect fled the scene and has not yet been arrested.

At Onayena in Oshikoto Region, three children aged 2, 4 and 5, who were left alone on Saturday afternoon were allegedly playing with matches when the hut they were in caught fire. “The four and five-year-old escaped, but unfortunately, the two-year-old Ndiilokelwa Ndawanandapwa burned to death,” Shikwambi said.
In Kavango East, Divundu, the police opened an inquest after another three-year-old, Haingura Herman, burned to death in a hut on Saturday morning. The cause of the fire is not yet known.


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