Villager killed in gang fight



A young man succumbed to a stab wound in the neck after a gang allegedly attacked him at Onandhi village in the Onyaanya Constituency early on Thursday morning.

The incident happened at Uunkete location in the Oshikoto Region at around 02h00 in the morning.
Oshikoto Regional Commander Commissioner Anne-Marie Nainda said a murder case has been registered with the police and four suspects have been arrested in connection with the killing.

According to Commissioner Nainda, the murder victim, 21-year-old Stefanus Nuukala Kwidhi, had a large gaping wound in the neck and was rushed to Onyaanya Health Centre where he later died.

He was reportedly stabbed with a knife and the murder weapon was found at the scene. Kwidhi and a group of friends were drinking at a certain bar at Uunkete village on Wednesday night, the police said. Afterwards, the group is said to have left for home in a vehicle.

However, on their way home they stopped somewhere where they met up with another gang. It is still not clear why they stopped.

“It seems as if the group stopped somewhere and met with the other group when the argument erupted, resulting in the stabbing,” Nainda said. The police speculated that Kwidhi might have been stabbed during a brawl between the two gangs.

The cause of the argument that led to the killing of Kwidhi is also not known to the police. His next of kin have been informed of his death.


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