Solidarity Tax #MustNotFall


The ongoing wrangle over Namibia’s proposed Solidarity Tax has “hit the fan”, and it’s quite evident that some Namibians don’t have a clue about how the tax will help in alleviating poverty in the country.

Solidarity Tax, in itself, is a good idea that will benefit many disadvantaged Namibians – especially those who are crying out loud – should the government wisely use the accumulated revenue for the intended purpose.
Indeed, talking from experience, there are more advantages to Solidarity Tax than many eyes can see. It will help to eradicate the social inequalities in the country. Solidarity Tax can set a new path to prosperity by empowering the downtrodden – people that have lost hope.

Equally, the rationale behind the Solidarity Tax can facilitate to curb other societal ills, like crime, prostitution, theft, and drug abuse – even gender-based violence.

For those citizens up in arms trying to fight the proposed Solidarity Tax tooth and nail, one can understand the skepticism – the doubting Thomas! While other people have genuine concerns, some are truly “greedy and selfish”, as not everyone would willingly want to share that piece of pie.

Amidst all speculation and reassurances, the detailed plans for the Solidarity Tax are unknown, which shouldn’t be that strange as modalities are being ironed-out and of course, is the reason some people are fuming! People are reacting to the knowledge that some of their hard-earned money will be “taken” from their salary by government to combat poverty, without knowing the blue-print.

Poverty should not only be seen in those that are eating from the dumpsters or walking the streets asking for handouts, but in every struggling Namibian family – be it among teachers, police officers, nurses, soldiers, clerks etc.
In Namibia, one wouldn’t be surprised to find a nuclear family living with many other “extras” – nephews, nieces, in-laws and just family friends. People that have nowhere to go but to find shelter with someone who has a compassionate heart, someone that takes the responsibility for feeding an extra-mouth. That “extra-mouth” is a “burden” that most taxpayers cannot run away from!

Undoubtedly, poverty alleviation shouldn’t only be tied to food banks and the Basic Income Grant (BIG), but in enabling those less fortunate in our societies to live dignified lives. Namibians should have easy access to owning their own houses – not living in dilapidated and congested buildings or the infamous “shacks”.

Solidarity Tax should mean more than just feeding the stomach! If anything, government is of the right footing, it’s about time the nation wholeheartedly embraced the president’s great vision.

Overall, as they say, “the proof of pudding is in its eating”, so it is for the Solidarity Wealth Tax. The government must set a clear agenda on what has to be accomplished. Solidarity Tax, when well executed and administered, can do miracles by changing lives and making every Namibian life worth living.

Mulife Muchali


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