PTA Tennis Series season finale lives up to expectations



This year’s edition of the Pro Tennis Academy’s (PTA) Tennis Series ended on a high note last weekend with 23 players from all ages going head to head.

The PTA Tennis Series, comprising of seven tourneys throughout the year, is the only series of tournaments in Namibia in which articipants play according to their skill level and not their age category.

With most playing divisions already decided before the season finale in Windhoek,
special focus was put on the beginners and midi categories, where Delicia Dirkse, Faith Kahuure, Eila Kambonde and Jamilla Hugamo were all in contention to clinch the overall crown.

Eventually, top ranked Dirkse in the beginners secured overall victory despite having been beaten to first place by Jamin Swanepoel on Saturday. Second place gifted Dirkse the much-needed 800 points to keep Kahuure, who finished 5th overall, at arm’s length in the rankings.

A similar tight race kept the spectators on the edge of their seats in the midi division that saw Eila Kambonde and Jamilla Hugamo engage in a thrilling two-horse race for the most part of the season, only to be decided over the weekend.

For the umpteenth time, both players failed to record victory as Van der Merwe Tromp was just in a different class on the day. Nevertheless, Kambonde still held on to 2nd place, gaining the much-needed points to take the overall win (5 200) while Hugamo could only manage 4th spot for the year (4 700).

Meanwhile, Arnaud Marais (mini), Mike Kambonde (intermediate) and Cleet Farmer
(advanced) underlined their supremacy in their respective divisions by clinching another victory.

Second place in the mini category went to Morgan Gaomab – leaving Elysandro Hausiku to pick up the pieces for 3rd place. Chris Jansen and Mondre Orren ended in 2nd and 3rd places respectively in the intermediate division, while Godwin Husselmann secured a 2nd finish in the advanced class tailed by Brandon Maasdorp.

Overall results

1. Arnaud Marais 4200
2. Elysandro Hausiku 2600
3. Morgan Gaomab 1600

1. Eila Kambonde 5200
2. Jamilla Hugamo 4700
3. Jozikee Tjaimba 3350

1. Delicia Dirkse 5000
2. Faith Kahuure 4600
3. Hendrina Apollus 3100

1. Mike Kambonde 5500
2. Mondre Orren 2000
3. Christopher Jansen 1850

1. Cleet Farmer 5700
2. Brandon Maasdorp 4000
3. Godwin Husselmann


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